Write An Inspirational Book That Makes A Powerful Impact & Abundant Income (Event If You've Struggled To Do So In The Past)

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"I've dreamed of writing a book for sooooo long, but do I have what it taks?" If you've ever asked that question, this training and my newsletter are designed just for you.

What Will It Take For You To Make The DifferenceYou Were Born To Make?

You hear God’s call on your life. He’s given you a message to share. You have powerful gifts, talents, and life experiences and you know deep down you can help others to experience hope, healing, and transformation through the lessons you’ve learned.  

You know NOW is the time. You are ready to finally break through whatever has been standing in your way and finally birth the book God has placed inside of you.  

But, now you’re wondering – “What does it take?” No worries, I created this training to give you the answers you need.  

The Luminary Authors Blueprint

This exclusive, in-depth training will ensure you know exactly what it takes to write a book that makes a powerful impact and abundant income. Following this proprietry system, Luminary Authors go from idea to best-selling transformational books in just 90 days!

I'll Show You How To...  

  • Avoid the top 3 blunders that keep most aspiring authors stuck, frustrated, and unpublished 
  • `Turn your God-given message, gifts, and life experiences into a best-selling transformational book in 90 days! 
  • Gain the clarity you need to make money from your book BEFORE you write a word 
  • Silence the fear and doubt that keeps your light hidden and prevents you from making the impact you were born to make

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